Sauna Blankets Pros and Cons Compared to Traditional Saunas

Sauna blankets have their perks. But how do they compare to regular saunas?

Advantages of choosing a sauna blanket over a traditional sauna, particularly a public one, include not having to drive to the sauna, customizing the temperature, and being able to use it whenever you want. Some disadvantages include cleaning it yourself, a large upfront cost, and potential claustrophobia. 

Keep reading to find out if sauna blankets are a suitable match for you!

What is a sauna blanket?

What exactly is a sauna blanket anyway?

Sauna blankets are portable saunas that use infrared rays. These rays heat you from the inside out. Sauna blankets are made from polyurethane cotton and use a carbon fiber heating element. They range from 120 to 140°F.

Sauna blankets are proven to help detox your body via sweat, help you relax, trigger your metabolism, and improve blood circulation

The polyurethane used to make sauna blankets is waterproof to protect it from your sweat. Likewise, the cotton is fire resistant.

Pros of using a sauna blanket

Let’s talk about some of the perks of sauna blankets.

Many people like sauna blankets because they take up less space than installing a sauna in your home and do not require you to go out to enjoy a quick sauna session.

Here are some of the pros of choosing a sauna blanket:

  • Not having to pay for a gym 
  • Don’t have to drive to the sauna
  • Use it when you like
  • Cheaper over time
  • You get to decide the temperature
  • You can shower in the comfort of your own home
  • Privacy
  • You can watch TV

Not having to pay for a gym 

The average cost of a gym membership in the US is $507. After your first year, it drops to $479 because you don’t have any more enrollment or initiation fees.

If you’re joining the gym just to use the sauna, that’s a lot of money to spend every year!

Don’t have to drive to the sauna

Gas prices are going up, traffic is crazy, and who wants to end their sauna session stuck on the highway because someone else got in an accident?

Save yourself the stress of driving to and from the sauna by using a sauna blanket.

Use it when you like

Gyms and spas have certain hours. Maybe you work from home and want to use the sauna on your lunch break, but don’t have quite enough time to make it to the gym. Or perhaps you want to use the sauna right before bed.

With a sauna blanket, you can use it whenever you like without having to account for travel time.

Cheaper over time

As discussed earlier, gyms cost around $500 per year. Sauna blankets cost around $250-$600 and they’re a one-time purchase!

Although it’s more cash upfront, after a year it pays for itself.

You get to decide the temperature

You know when you’re in the sauna and it’s just a little too hot for your liking, but you can’t do anything about it? Or when it’s so cool that it doesn’t feel like a sauna at all?

When you have a sauna blanket you completely control the temperature and can personalize it every session.

You can shower in the comfort of your own home

No more stinky gym showers!

After your sauna session, hop right into your own shower and use your favorite soaps.


If you hate sharing the sauna with other people, you’ll love the privacy of a sauna blanket.

Don’t worry about small talk or having to wear little clothing around people you don’t know! 

You can watch TV

Throw on your favorite Netflix show as you wind down with your sauna blanket!

A lot of people love being able to watch TV while using their sauna blanket. 

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Cons of using a sauna blanket

Now let’s discuss some potential downsides.

Here are some sauna blanket cons:

  • You have to clean it yourself
  • There’s a large cost upfront
  • It’s not the same as a real sauna
  • You may feel claustrophobic
  • It doesn’t get as hot as a traditional dry sauna
  • It doesn’t get as humid as a steam room
  • You won’t get any community out of it

You have to clean it yourself

No spa or gym staff will clean up your mess when you’re using a sauna blanket!

If you hate cleaning with a passion, having to wipe your blanket down after each use might drive you a little crazy.

There’s a large cost upfront

Although sauna blankets pay off in the long run, you may not want to spend all that money upfront.

$250-$600 is a big chunk of change!

It’s not the same as a real sauna

Let’s be honest. Sitting at home in a sauna blanket is a very different experience than sitting in a sauna.

Your body may get all the same benefits, but you might not enjoy the experience as much.

You may feel claustrophobic

If you get claustrophobic, sauna blankets definitely aren’t for you!

The best comparison to how a sauna blanket feels is to think of it as a hot sleeping bag. If that thought scares you off, you should look elsewhere.

It doesn’t get as hot as a traditional dry sauna

Traditional dry saunas reach up to 195°F. Sauna blankets, on the other hand, only reach 140°F.

If you love the heat of a dry sauna, you might miss it while using a sauna blanket.

It doesn’t get as humid as a steam room

Steam rooms have a humidity of 100%, while sauna blankets have low humidity.

You won’t get any community out of it

Some people love saunas for the sheer community that comes with using them. Seeing familiar faces every week and chatting up your friends is part of the experience for many.

If you like the social aspect of saunas, you might be disappointed while lying alone with your sauna blanket.