Content Quality

At Sauna Helper, we insist on the highest standard for all of our published content. This standard includes how we create the content, how we choose any products mentioned or reviewed, how we evaluate our brand partnerships, the language that we use, and how we emphasize representation and inclusivity.

Content creation and editorial process

Our editorial and content team is dedicated to providing accurate and trustworthy information to the best of our ability that is not biased towards a specific agenda or outcome. Every piece of published content is created in partnership with a team of trained writers, editors, and fact-checkers before being submitted for final review.

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Brand partnerships

To maintain the high standard and integrity of our content we only partner and work with reputable brands and companies that we are comfortable endorsing and recommending to our readers. Each brand must go through a vetting process before including them in our published content.

Our goal is that any product recommendations made within our content are unbiased, fair, balanced, and objective to provide the best experience possible for the reader. To that end, any products reviewed or otherwise recommended have gone through a process to ensure that they will be helpful and of value to our readers.

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Diversity, equity, inclusion, and language

Sauna Helper is committed to striving for equity, inclusion, and diversity whenever possible within the context of content creation, readership, and editorial processes which includes using language appropriate for all readers and an awareness of the need to engage and amplify the voice of all people.

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