Are Sauna Blankets Worth It? (Compared to Home, Gym, & Spa Options)

Sauna blanket sales are on the rise. But how do prices compare to other sauna options?

Sauna blankets cost less than home saunas, gym saunas, and spa saunas. However, you do have to pay it all upfront, rather than over time like a gym membership. You’ll get the same health benefits out of a sauna blanket that you would out of a regular sauna.

Keep reading to compare costs and decide for yourself if sauna blankets are worth it!

What is a sauna blanket?

A blanket that’s also a sauna? How can it be?

Sauna blankets heat you from the inside out using a carbon fiber heating element to emit infrared rays. Their temperature ranges from 120 to 140°F. They look like sleeping bags. Sauna blankets are made out of polyurethane cotton.

Sauna blankets provide all the same health benefits like detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, improved blood circulation, and more that you’ve come to love from using regular saunas. They’re super convenient and can be used anywhere!

The polyurethane provides a waterproof layer, while the cotton is fire resistant. This keeps your blanket from molding and is also a safety feature.

Is buying a sauna blanket worth it compared to other options?

Everyone who’s come across a sauna blanket has the same question: is it worth it?

Sauna blankets cost less overall than home saunas, gym saunas, and spa saunas. However, you must have all the money upfront, whereas a gym membership is spread out throughout the year. Sauna blankets have the same health benefits as regular saunas but don’t provide the same atmosphere.

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get all the health benefits of a sauna like detoxification, increased metabolism, and relaxation, then sauna blankets are your best bet.

However, there’s no denying that sauna blankets are a different experience than your regular sauna. More on that later!


Let’s compare how much everything costs.

The cost of a sauna blanket ranges between $250-$600 upfront, but you only pay it once. Installing a home sauna costs anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000. The average gym membership costs $507/year. Spa packages are $150-$450 not counting a sauna add-on or tips.

Clearly, sauna blankets are your cheapest option!

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Home saunas

On average, it costs between $3,000 and $6,000 to install a home sauna.

You’ll typically spend around $4,500 to install a custom sauna in your home.

How big the sauna is and what material you choose plays a huge factor in the cost of your sauna. Labor costs alone can range from $700-$3,000. 

If you get a prefabricated sauna, expect to pay between $70 and $120 for each square foot.

Most saunas are anywhere from 4×4 to 8×12 in size. 

Gym saunas

The average cost of a gym membership in the US is $507.

That’s a little over $42/month. The price drops after your first year because you don’t have to pay any more enrollment or initiation fees.

Spa saunas

While one spa treatment can cost under $100, getting a spa package typically ranges from $150-$450 and up. Adding on a sauna session can cost up to around $35. Include tips too, which should be about 20%.

This is a hefty price for one day!


Do sauna blankets have the same health benefits as regular saunas?

Sauna blankets are just as effective as other saunas in terms of detoxification, weight loss, increased circulation, and more. However, the level of relaxation that sauna blankets bring depends on your preferences.

If you care a lot about the health benefits that saunas bring, rest assured that you’ll get everything you want out of your sauna blanket.

In terms of relaxation, sauna blankets can be hit or miss. Some people may prefer the comfort of their own home. You can even incorporate personalized aromatherapy into your sauna blanket sessions to help you relax more. You also may find the privacy more relaxing.

Other people may need the full sauna experience to be fully relaxed. There’s something special about sitting in a sauna away from all your stressors- including your home. 


Sauna blankets make you sweat as much as infrared saunas do. You need to wear light, long sleeve shirts, pants, and socks to keep the blanket clean from your sweat.

Arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury can all be found in sweat. This is why saunas are so good for heavy metal detox! If you’re looking to detoxify your body of all the bad stuff, sweating it out is a great option.

Weight loss

Sauna blankets are just as effective as regular saunas when it comes to weight loss.

You burn roughly 50% more calories in a sauna blanket than at rest because your metabolism gets temporarily boosted.

You can burn about 25 calories in 15 minutes, 50 calories in half an hour, and 70 calories in 45 minutes. This may not seem like much, but with regular usage, these calories add up over the course of a month. How many calories you burn in the sauna depends on your weight, gender, and more.

When you’re exposed to infrared light, your heart rate will increase similarly to if you were walking for half an hour. 

Experience and convenience

Now that we’ve talked about cost, let’s discuss how sauna blankets compare to regular saunas.

Sauna blankets are a different experience than your average sauna. They’re more convenient because you can use them anytime, anywhere. However, you don’t get the same atmosphere that you do in a regular sauna so you may not find it as calming. But the health benefits are the same.

Saunas decrease your odds of developing high blood pressure, neurocognitive diseases, cardiovascular diseases, nonvascular diseases, mortality, headaches, and arthritis- among others.

As previously discussed, your relaxation levels depend on what you’re looking for in your sauna experience. If you like privacy and being in your home, sauna blankets may be more relaxing. But if you want to get away from your life completely and be immersed in a sauna, then you won’t find sauna blankets as calming as regular saunas.