How Do You Decorate a Sauna Room? (Without Ruining It!)

The most important thing about decorating a sauna is giving it a perfectly relaxing and aesthetically pleasing feeling. But do you want to know how to decorate your sauna room and enjoy the precious moments of peace and tranquility it provides?

Decorating a sauna room is fun and easy with accessories like diffusers, candles, and plants which serve the purpose of style and function. Fiber optics lights are a safe choice for electrical lighting. You can also hang plaques or artwork on the walls. Tall stacks of towels, baskets of oils, and other toiletries can give it a gym or spa feeling.

Now that we know how to decorate a sauna room without ruining it, let’s move on to 12 exclusive tips on the best ways to decorate your sauna room. Keep reading till the very end! 

12 Ways to Decorate Your Sauna Room

As with decorating projects, you can go in many different directions when creating a plan to decorate your home sauna.

Generally, you’ll want to consider aspects such as lighting, colors, candles or diffusers, and towels.

The best ways to decorate your sauna are:

  • Floor rugs
  • Lighting
  • Himalayan salt lamps
  • Towels
  • Surface materials
  • Plants
  • New-age additions to the experience
  • Art
  • Painting and colors
  • Door and arrangements 
  • Oil diffusers
  • Candles

Floor Rugs

There should also be a floor rug in the seating area to provide a place of rest for your feet and to keep the sauna room free of dirt and dust. A floor rug is an example of an accessory that can act both stylish and functional at the same time. Double-sided carpet tapes and rug pads can help keep your rug in place.

Using a waterproof kitchen rug like this one is a great way to add color and design without having to worry about mold or mildew!


Decorative lighting systems can be installed on walls or ceilings in a sauna room. They have compact designs and are very easy to install.

Lighting has a therapeutic effect on moods. Some lights can bring out the beauty of the sauna room and at the same time calm down nerves and positively impact energy levels. The best colors to give a traditional experience close to nature are relaxing colors. 

Colors like blue, red, pink, and green are top-tier. According to a scientific journal PLOS ONE published in 2017, blue light leads to post-stress relaxation three times as quickly as conventional white lighting. Blue light’s potential calming effects have been observed outside scientific studies as well. 

The color red can also calm people down. According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the color red is very calming because it has the longest wavelength of the seven rainbow colors. Due to its long wavelength, the body does not react to it as much as other colors, hence its calming effects.

Himalayan Salt Lamps 

Is there a better way to improve the atmosphere of your sauna room than using a salt lamp?

Himalayan salt lamps create a relaxing experience by offering a gentle glow of light and improving the atmosphere as well as the aesthetics of the sauna room. Himalayan salt lamps can help clean the air, ease allergies, improve sleep patterns and ease anxiety


In a sauna room, it is very important to have stacks of different sizes of hand, face, and body towels due to the high temperature in the room which leads to a lot of sweating. The heat helps in warming your body, removing toxins, and clearing blocked sweat pores.

The towels will then help in absorbing the sweat and keeping the body clean. There should be an abundant supply of face, hand, and body towels.  

Surface Materials

You should always let your imagination run free when decorating the sauna room. You can add more character to the walls with beautiful stones.

The front wall of the sauna can also be replaced with glass which provides a more modern feel. The installation methods, colors, and shape of the paneling boards can be used to create the perfect atmosphere. For the paneling material, you can choose heat-treated aspen, alder, pine, or spruce paneling boards.


One of the best accessories to decorate your sauna room and at the same time improve the natural atmosphere is plants. Plants can act as stylish and functional accessories by adding a little bit of natural color to the room and improving the air quality.

Some of the most suitable plants for a sauna include:

  • Golden pothos
  • Spider plant
  • Bamboo
  • Boston fern
  • Peace lily
  • ZZ plant
  • Snake Plant

New-Age Additions to the Experience

There are a lot of new ways to create a good atmosphere in the sauna. Technological advancements have made these things easier as there are a lot of options to choose from readily available.

Surface treatments, colored lighting, automated water dispensers, music loudspeakers, sauna steamers, remote controls, infrared cabins, LEDs, and so on can help make the creation of a unique feel to the next level. Most of these things can be installed, personalized for you, and controlled with remotes.


“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life” – Pablo Picasso.

You can never go wrong with beautiful paintings, drawings, and even carvings. Artworks can be set anywhere including sauna rooms and shower areas. Art takes us on journeys to imaginative lands or into distant pasts. It conjures deep thoughts and emotions.

Reactions to art by people may not be the same but its ability to impact people is undoubted. Viewing and analyzing art helps stimulate the brain in long-lasting and substantial ways. Artworks can be hung on walls at places generally convenient for view by the eyes.

Painting and Colors

The choice of colors for the painting of a sauna room plays a big part in its beauty. For painting wood, it is best to apply different tones and shades of a color like white to give it a relaxing vibe. You can try shades of white like cream, off-white, and buttermilk or darker colors like light brown, coffee, and taupe.

If you want to use tiles instead of wood, blue tiles would be beautiful. You should also add some pops of your preferred color to your towels, rug, and other accessories. 

Door and arrangements

The best place to set your sauna heater is always near the door. This makes the arrangement more organized because the other parts of the room are to be used for benching. With a good electric source, the electrical wiring for your sauna, light switch, and control panel can be set anywhere.

It is best if your sauna room door opens from the outside when you are inside. It is safer and consumes less space.

Oil Diffusers

An oil diffuser can fill the air with the scent of your favorite smell. Oil diffusers have a lot of health benefits and can help in relaxation, cleaning the air, and improving sleep patterns. It is also therapeutic and helps boost energy levels and ease anxiety.

An alternative to oil diffusers is scented candles.

Some of the best-recommended essential oils for the sauna are:

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Cedarwood
  • Frankincense
  • Lavender

By the way, I have an entire article devoted to essential oils in the sauna if you want to check it out!


Scented candles can be used by people who are reactive to oil diffusers. Candles are often used by massage therapists and professionals in creating a calm ambiance.

Scented candles can help relax the brain and at the same time provide fragrance and décor.