What Should You Wear in an Infrared Sauna? (Practical Options)

Infrared saunas are growing in popularity for their numerous health benefits. To maximize the benefits of your infrared sauna, it is prudent that one dresses right.

Focus on comfort and breathability when dressing for an Infrared sauna so that you are able to sweat naturally to keep yourself cool. Men often wear swim or workout trunks while women often wear shorts, tank tops, or sports bras. Plan to bring a change of clothes and shower after using a public infrared sauna.

To understand more on what you need to wear, read on.

Does an infrared sauna penetrate clothing?

The best way to experience the full benefits of an infrared sauna is to get the least clothing on you.

While light clothing will not affect how the infrared rays penetrate your skin, having many layers of clothing would diminish the efficacy of a sauna session by making you more uncomfortable throughout the experience.

The rule of thumb is to choose clothing that is light, loose, easily removable, and breathable.

Should you wear clothes in an infrared sauna?

The best answer to this is no, but if you are sharing a sauna it may not feel quite right to go nude.

In gyms and spa centers, there are rules for common decency and hygienic reasons. If you should wear something, find clothing that is light and breathable. If you are alone in a pod or enjoying this therapeutic session at home, why not enjoy the comfort of your sauna without any inhibitions.

The good news is that most saunas will provide towels and appropriate types of clothing to use in various places. Some private saunas will have an area to hang towels, clothes so you can enjoy total freedom while sweating it off.

If your sauna has a private room, you can get completely naked in there.

What should you wear in an infrared sauna?

A cotton t-shirt, shorts or a tank top would be ideal. You can also rock a pair of wide-leg yoga pants or a loose sports bra – note how unrestrictive these are. Other options include underwear, swimsuits, a breathable dress, sauna suit or just a towel.

You should not wear anything that inhibits sweating in an infrared sauna. Items you should avoid include make-up, heavy towels, shoes, thick swimsuits made of non-breathable material, and materials made of PVC or spandex.

The best material to use in a sauna would be cotton as it does not prevent sweating and will give you the body coverage you desire. You can also use clothing made of nylon and polyester fabrics.

How long should you stay in the infrared sauna

Typically, sauna sessions last 30 minutes with about 10 minutes allotted for your preparation before and dressing up after the session. Most people enjoy an infrared sauna session three to four times a week, but it is safe for everyday use.

How do you prepare for an infrared sauna?

It helps to know what to do when preparing for an infrared sauna.

Here is a list of quick tips to help you prepare for the infrared sauna and have the best experience possible:

  • First, remove all makeup as it blocks the pores from sweating
  • Always take a shower as this opens the skin pores for better sweating
  • Avoid the use of lotions and oils as it will block your pores and might stain the wood in the sauna
  • Hydrate before, during, and after a session. As you will be losing water through sweating, it is important to keep taking copious amounts to replenish. Equally important is avoiding dehydrating drinks before a session. This would include caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks, and sugary drinks.
  • To avoid exhaustion from a session, have a light snack before your session to keep your energy levels up
  • If you have privacy, you can use a loofah to scrub your skin
  • Walk barefoot or choose open sandals I a sauna so your feet can sweat too
  • Do not wear any jewelry in a pod
  • A shower after the sauna is really not optional after all the sweating. A cold shower afterward would close the pores, which prevents further detoxification. You do not want this. Whether you choose a bath or shower, use warm water with limited soap to keep the pores open
  • Avoid technology in an infrared sauna. Most public saunas will have strict rules about this, but also keep away any electronics as the steam and heat can damage them
  • Dress light after a sauna session as you might sweat more afterward

In Summary

Wear loose-fitting clothes if you cannot be completely naked in an infrared sauna session. Your skin needs to sweat freely to avoid the blockage of spores.

Other than choosing light clothing, check the type of materials used. You should have breathable fabrics so can sweat it out without feeling too hot. Go for natural materials like linen or cotton. Some synthetic materials made mostly for activewear would be ideal too like polyester, nylon. The aim is to have light and breathable wear that allows air to flow freely around your body.

Remember to be comfortable while respecting the rules of the appropriate dress code as you enjoy the benefits of infrared therapy.