Best Infrared Sauna Accessories (For Maximum Comfort & Relaxation)

Putting in a new sauna is exciting, but before you start using it, it’s important to look at what else you can add to make the experience better. What are the best infrared sauna accessories? 

The best sauna accessories are the ones that enhance your comfort and sauna experience including a Bluetooth speaker, a backrest, a cushion, a waterproof e-reader, towels, a comfortable robe, a roller massager, workout weights, a footstool, a diffuser with essential oils, a timer, a hanging shelf, and a good water bottle.

Keep reading to find out all about the most essential accessories for your sauna session.

The best accessories and essential items for a home sauna

Accessories can really enhance your home sauna, making relaxation at home a reality. Which accessories are the best? 

Here are the best infrared sauna accessories:

  • Sauna towels
  • Comfortable robe
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Backrest
  • Waterproof cushion
  • Waterproof e-reader
  • Essential oils and diffuser
  • Roller massagers
  • Weights
  • Foot Stool
  • Timer
  • Hanging shelf
  • Good water bottle

Let’s dive into exactly how these accessories can really enhance your sauna experience!

Sauna towels

Having a set of towels ready for use while in the sauna is a great way to keep you relaxing after your session ends.

Choose a set of towels that are highly absorbent and quick-drying as well as comfortable. There are a number of towels that are specially geared towards sauna use on the market and if you aren’t wanting to spend money on that, regular towels work as well.

Having towels within reach is helpful towards keeping you relaxed, plus having a set next to you means you aren’t scrambling to find a towel afterward, potentially pulling you from a state of relaxation into a panicked frenzy.

Comfortable robe

When you are moving to and from your home infrared sauna, having a comfortable robe can be useful, especially if you are using your sauna while naked or if your underwear.

The robe can help set the mood that it’s time to relax and decompress while keeping you in the same frame of mind afterward.

It will also help you stay modest as you move from one room to another, especially if you have children running around your house. 

Bluetooth speaker

One of the best ways to enjoy your new infrared sauna would be to include a Bluetooth speaker.

It is not recommended you bring your phone in since the sauna will be hotter than phones can usually stand so including a speaker will allow you to enjoy soft, gentle music or even an audiobook while you sit in the sauna. 

There are a couple of ways you can integrate a Bluetooth speaker into your sauna. The first is by installing speakers into it directly, which is more costly and you need to choose ones that could withstand the heat as well as some humidity. However, you could also bring in a small portable speaker that you take in and out with you.

Check out this article for more about using a Bluetooth speaker in your sauna.


When you’re sitting in your sauna, you may end up needing some sort of support for your back so a backrest is highly recommended, especially if you already have back issues.

This will be more important as you stay in the sauna longer and the strain on your back worsens. 

Choose a backrest that can withstand both heat and humidity. There are two types of backrests most commonly used for the sauna, one for when you are sitting down and one for when you are laying out on the bench. Not every backrest is made the same, with some being more straight and others curved so it is important to try out different ones to see which suits your needs the most. 

Waterproof cushion

Saunas are made beautifully, but sometimes their seats are not very comfortable for extended sauna sessions.

Consider investing in a good, comfortable waterproof cushion that will add a layer of padding, keeping your butt from hurting.

A nice cushion can also help your sauna look nice and add a decorative element to it, enhancing your environment. 

Waterproof e-reader

Reading while relaxing in a sauna is an avid reader’s dream, so having a waterproof e-reader can help with relaxation.

Since there is a small amount of humidity in an infrared sauna, a regular book could potentially get waterlogged. Even though it is waterproof it has a caveat since an e-reader is electronic and the heat could wear the battery down over time.

Essential oils and diffusers

One of the ways to help you relax in an infrared sauna is the use of essential oils and a diffuser. Essential oils are often used to help you keep calm, relax, and improve your mood.

You will need a diffuser of some sort in order to use the essential oil while in the sauna. Look for a portable diffuser that you can easily bring in with you, whether it’s an aroma cup or a portable electronic dispenser. Just be sure to bring it back out so that the heat does not damage it, unless it is made to withstand higher temperatures. 

Some of the best oils to use in the sauna are:

  • Peppermint 
  • Birch
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea Tree
  • Citrus
  • Chamomile

Roller massagers

Roller massagers are another way to enjoy your new infrared sauna.

These can help give you a light massage while you sit, without too much effort from you. Be careful about using electronic massagers because many of them are not made to handle the heat and humidity in any type of sauna. (Double-check your manual or contact the company if you’re in doubt.)

These roller massagers are typically inexpensive and a great addition to your sauna session and often work your arms, legs, feet, and back. 


Many people find lifting small weights while in a sauna to be invigorating so lifting a set of lightweight weights can be an added plus to your sauna session.

Light weight lifting can help tone your arms, adding to the benefits of sitting inside a sauna. You want something light as you sit and relax.

However, you should not try to lift heavy weights while in the sauna. Saunas increase your heart rate, which is not something you want to overdo by adding heavy weight lifting into the mix. Keep it light if you want to include weights in your sauna session.


A footstool is another excellent addition to a sauna for a variety of reasons.

A footstool will give you a place to rest your feet as you stretch out, while also keeping them somewhat elevated. This stool can also be useful for those who are shorter and cannot reach the floor while sitting down, allowing for a place to rest your feet while sitting.

When choosing a footstool, look for one that can withstand a hot and humid environment to ensure it will hold up over time. If you are limited in space, there are foldable ones that you can easily tuck away while not in use. 


Since you should not have your phone with you inside a sauna, a timer is extremely helpful to ensure you stay in for the appropriate amount of time.

A small digital timer would work as long as it’s able to be in the heat or humidity. You can also look for an alternative timer such as an hourglass, sand timer, or even just put a clock in your sauna. 

Hanging shelf

A nice hanging shelf will add both decor and functionality to your sauna.

You could put up any decorations you might want to have to set the ambiance of the room as well as potentially keep your diffuser, or maybe your Bluetooth speaker on the shelf while you’re in the sauna.

Some shelves also include knobs for hanging a towel or a robe, which is helpful since you can quickly slip them on as you leave.

A good water bottle

Probably the most important accessory for your sauna is a dependable water bottle!

Water is essential for infrared sauna use since you need to make sure you stay hydrated. While you could drink a lot both before and after your sauna session, you can also drink while sitting inside the sauna, ensuring you are fully hydrated.

An insulated water bottle will also help keep your water from warming up with the room.