Does Crunch Fitness Have a Sauna or Steam Room?

A sauna or steam room can be a great place to relax after you finish a grueling workout. But before you choose a gym, you should consider what locations have such a place, like Crunch Fitness. That way, you won’t be in for a shock after your first gym sessions.

Crunch Fitness has a sauna or steam room in some of their Signature locations. The Signature locations have a different membership structure than other gyms. Crunch Signature costs more than the standard plan due to the many amenities, including saunas and steam rooms.

If you want an all-inclusive gym, consider Crunch Signature. The gym offers everything you could need to work out and relax. Keep reading to learn more about the saunas, steam rooms, and other amenities.

Crunch Fitness vs. Signature

When considering if Crunch Fitness has saunas or steam rooms, you should compare the two types of gyms they run. The standard Crunch Fitness is a basic gym with affordable memberships.

You can get access to group fitness classes, personal trainers, and online video workouts, and plans start at around $10 per month. Their gyms feature cardio and weightlifting equipment, so you can work out in a way that’s fun for you.

However, Crunch Fitness doesn’t offer saunas or steam rooms in their standard gyms. But they do have Crunch Signature gyms that do have those rooms, and if you live near one, you can also access full-service locker rooms and more exercise equipment.

Crunch Signature is an excellent option if you want a more full-service gym. But it will cost you quite a bit more at around $100 per month or more. If you like to enjoy a sauna, the extra cost may be well worth it.

Crunch Signature Amenities

Crunch Fitness has 30 locations, but an All Crunch plan will grant you access to all of the regular Crunch Fitness locations as well. You can also choose the One Crunch plan, which is great if you plan on using the same gym.

Different Signature locations will have some premium amenities. The specifics vary by the gym, so if you’re interested in something like a sauna or steam room, ask your nearest location if they have that.

Here are some features you can find at your local Crunch Signature.

More Equipment

Crunch Signature locations have the same gym equipment as standard gyms. However, they also feature state-of-the-art equipment and expanded facilities. You can access more workout gear when you use a Signature gym.

These locations also have dedicated studios for yoga and spin classes. Because of that, Signature locations can offer a wider variety of group classes that you can take.

Whether you want to focus on cardio or weightlifting, you can find what you need at Crunch Signature. And the bigger space makes it easier to work out if you have a busy schedule. You can find a class or piece of equipment even when others are at the gym.

Saunas and Steam Rooms

Using a sauna after working out can have some health and weight loss benefits. The high temperatures can help lower your blood pressure, and the sauna may help with pain and fatigue.

If you want to hit the sauna right after a workout, Crunch Signature has you covered. Many of their locations offer a sauna or steam room where you can relax and decompress after a training session or group class.

Having a sauna at your gym can save you time after a workout. You won’t have to rush to a separate sauna or home to recreate a sauna in your shower. The sauna may not be private, but it can still be an essential part of your gym routine.

Towel Service

Maintaining a clean facility is essential for your health and safety when sharing equipment. Some gyms don’t offer towels for you to clean the treadmills or weightlifting gear before and after use.

Luckily, Crunch Signature has a towel service, so you don’t need to bring your own towels. You can wipe things down before, and after you use them so you can protect yourself and your fellow members.

When you show up to the gym, you can focus on your workout rather than your accessories. That can help you have a more pleasurable gym experience, and it’s a unique touch you won’t find at a standard Crunch Fitness.

Full-Service Locker Rooms

Crunch Signature keeps their locker rooms clean, and they have products you can use to clean up after your workout. They offer fluffy towels and salon hair dryers, among other things. You can hit the sauna and then the showers before heading home or to work.

Of course, the lockers give you a secure place to store your stuff. Then, you can work out without worrying about keeping track of your belongings.

A locker is essential if you bring a lot of stuff with you. Whether you workout before or after work or you have an appointment later, a locker is useful. The addition of towels and supplies is the icing on the cake.

Rituals Products

In the locker rooms, you’ll also find products from the brand Rituals. The company partners with Crunch Signature to offer shower gel, hand soap, shampoo, and conditioner. You can use the products at the gym, and you can get a complimentary mini shower gel.

Rituals also offer a coupon to Signature members, so you can get $5 off a purchase from the company. If you like their products at the gym, you can have them at home.

You don’t have to use Rituals products, but they’re a great option to have if you ever forget your own shampoo and conditioner. You’ll still be able to shower at the gym, and you can use some good-quality products.

Free Wifi

Sometimes, you need to check your email or messages while at the gym. You can use your cell phone’s data plan, but Crunch Signature locations offer free wifi. Another way you can use the network is if you want to stream music while you work out.

You won’t have to download a bunch of songs or use up your data. Just connect to the wifi network, and you can load up your favorite playlist.

There’s no need to pay extra for access, so you can connect as soon as you sign up for a membership. You can check your phone in between workouts as well to stay up to date with work or home.


Working out as a parent can be difficult. You have to find a time where you can focus on your workout and not worry about your child. Luckily, Crunch Signature makes this easy with their childcare services.

While not every location offers them, you can drop your kid off as you enter the gym. Then, you can concentrate on your cardio or strength training. You won’t have to worry about finding or paying a babysitter while you go to the gym.

Then, you can visit the gym on your terms, and you can make it to the class of your choice. And you and your spouse can work out together.

Is Crunch Signature Worth It?

If you want a gym with a sauna or steam room, you should consider Crunch Signature. They have a few locations around the country, so you can see if there’s one near you.

It’s an excellent choice if you also want a full-service locker room, childcare, and other luxury amenities. However, it may be overkill if you only want gym equipment and a sauna.

You also can’t find Crunch Signature in many places. So even if there’s a standard Crunch Fitness nearby, it may or may not have a sauna or steam room.

Final Thoughts

Crunch Fitness gyms offer a sauna or steam room at some of their Signature locations. However, standard gyms don’t have the feature. Keep that in mind when choosing your next gym membership.

I’ve also put together a complete list of gyms that do have a sauna, steam room, or infrared sauna!