Do You Need To Replace Sauna Rocks? (How Often & What Type)

When it comes to sauna rocks, you’ll need to find the suitable igneous stones that will make your sauna work efficiently since the rocks keep heating your sauna continually. As these rocks are an essential part of your sauna experience, this may cause you to wonder if sauna rocks need to be replaced and what maintenance is required?

You will need to replace your sauna rocks once they start to erode. It’s best to check them every six months and use maintenance techniques to increase the longevity of your sauna rocks. Although, using your sauna multiple times a week may warrant you to replace the sauna rocks more than twice a year because they will become cracked or disintegrated.

To discover more about sauna rocks and how to replace or maintain them, continue reading. 

Do sauna rocks go bad?

Over time, sauna rocks will start to deteriorate and crack. With continual high temperatures, your sauna rocks will begin to show wear and tear. 

Continual use of cracked and deteriorated rocks will give you inefficient results. They don’t necessarily expire or go bad, but they don’t work as well as a fresh rock that can stand high temperatures and work well under pressure. 

It is essential to use rocks that are best suited for saunas because using the wrong stones, like porous rocks that absorb water, will cause the stones to dangerously explode in your sauna. 

Igneous rocks that are best suited for saunas include:

  • Basalt 
  • Dolerite 
  • Granite

These igneous rocks heat up at a gradual rate and release the heat and steam slowly. The heat in the sauna causes the moisture in the rocks to turn into steam. The heat increases the pressure inside the rocks. In turn, this allows the steam to give you an optimal sauna experience. 

How long do sauna rocks last?

Sauna rocks will generally last you six months. While they are not heated, you’ll at least want to examine the rocks in your sauna twice a year to check for cracks and deterioration. 

Evidently, with frequent use and heating of the rocks, you’ll find that they may not last as long as those that are not used as frequently. Either way, choosing suitable rocks and practicing sauna maintenance will increase the longevity and productivity of your sauna rocks. 

Here are some tips to properly use your sauna and maintain your sauna rocks:

  • Only use igneous rocks that are non-porous. 
  • Use dark igneous rocks, as they are good heat retainers. 
  • Use medium to large-sized sauna rocks that will retain more heat. 
  • When loading your sauna, arrange the stones with a gap in between them, and you can place smaller rocks in these gaps.
  • Place stones in the sauna from largest at the bottom to smallest at the top.
  • Apply small amounts of water only every few minutes to sauna rocks to avoid abrupt temperature changes, too much steam, and cracking. 
  • Periodically change the arrangement of the rocks from top to bottom to avoid overusing the top or bottom rocks. 

How often should you change sauna stones?

Sauna users that utilize their sauna once a week will likely only need new sauna rocks once or twice a year. If you find yourself using your sauna more like twice or three times a week, you may see that you’ll go through sauna rocks more often. 

How do you clean sauna rocks?

Cleaning your sauna and sauna rocks will help you maintain optimal airflow when using your sauna. It is a relatively simple process for sauna users to clean sauna rocks. 

You can follow these easy steps to clean your sauna rocks: 

  1. First, make sure the rocks are cool, and the sauna is not in use. 
  2. Place your sauna rocks in warm water and let them soak for a few minutes. 
  3. Brush your sauna rocks lightly, and run them under clean water. 
  4. Wait for your sauna rocks to dry before placing them back in the heater fully. 

Where to buy sauna stones?

Sauna rocks are manufactured and sold by different companies. Given that sauna rocks are an integral part of your sauna experience, you’ll want to make sure you get high-quality rocks. 

With different options to choose from, you may wonder about the best way to get sauna rocks and the pros and cons of each method. Keep reading to explore your options. 

The best places to buy sauna stones are:

  • Online shops
  • Local landscaping stores 
  • Home Improvement retailers 
  • Amazon 
  • Ebay 


Amazon is a retailer known for selling just about everything. With that being said, sauna users can purchase sauna rocks on Amazon. 


Amazon has a variety of pricing options based on retailers, inventory, and shipping methods. On average, you’ll find sauna rocks of different sizes and quantities for $35-90. 



  • Shipping may be costly. 
  • Shipping time may vary depending on where the retailer is located.
  • Prices vary by retailer and supply inventory. 

Online shops

Shops that sell sauna rocks online specialize in saunas and supplies, including rocks. These shops offer a variety of sauna rocks and sauna supplies. Here are some of examples websites that sell sauna rocks and spa supplies:


Online shops vary in pricing for sauna stones, and some offer discounts off the retail price. Most online shops average $40-70 for a supply of sauna rocks between 25-50 pounds. 


  • These private sellers often offer discounts.
  • Some offer warranties on purchases. 
  • You can find a variety of sauna-safe rocks. 
  • You can read other sauna users’ reviews about the sauna rocks on their website. 


  • Shipping may be costly. 
  • Shipping time may vary depending on where the retailer is located.
  • Shop policies differ and may not offer refunds or exchanges if needed. 

Local landscaping stores 

Landscaping stores offer supplies and tools for everyday needs, like sauna rocks. You’ll want to search the internet for local landscaping stores and if you can find igneous rocks that are suitable for your sauna. 


Local landscaping shops also vary in pricing for rocks that are suitable for saunas. Like online shops, local landscaping shops can average $40-70 for a supply of igneous rocks between 25-50 pounds. 


  • You may find a variety of igneous rocks suitable for saunas. 
  • By buying locally, you’ll know where you can find sauna rocks near you.
  • Building a relationship with a local business for your sauna needs.  


  • If you don’t have landscaping stores near you, you’ll need to explore other options.
  • Pricing may vary from business to business; you’ll need to research and explore the most cost-effective place to shop.  

Home Improvement retailers 

Home improvement retail stores are well known and generally the most thought of when buying sauna rocks or any indoor or outdoor products for a home. These are among the most popular:


Home Improvement retailers will vary in pricing for sauna rocks. If the rocks are available in store, you’ll find a set of sauna rocks averaging between $30-60. In most cases, if the store you’re visiting doesn’t have a good stock, you may need to order online and also consider shipping costs and time.  


  • These retail stores often have many locations all across the country. 
  • These stores often keep the same inventory, ensuring you’ll be able to keep purchasing the same sauna rocks you enjoy. 


  • Don’t offer a variety of sauna rocks.
  • Stores can vary in inventory and may only have online ordering options with shipping costs. 
  • Mainly sell decorative rocks and stones that are not sauna-safe. 


Ebay is commonplace on the internet, where different things are bought and sold. Sauna enthusiasts can buy sauna rocks on Ebay from private sellers and manufacturers. 


Like Amazon, Ebay sellers vary in pricing for sauna rocks. Since users can set their prices, you’ll find higher costs averaging $50-80 at a minimum for a set of rocks. You will also need to consider shipping costs. 


  • You’ll be able to purchase from Sauna experts and enthusiasts like you 
  • Access to reviews and testimonials from the buyer’s experience 
  • A variety of products and options 


  • Shipping may be costly. 
  • Shipping time may vary depending on where the retailer is located.
  • Risk of purchasing sauna rocks that may not be new and have been used. 

Ultimately, sauna rocks that are used more frequently will need to be replaced more often. There are several ways to maintain a sauna and sauna rocks to increase the air quality and productivity. With time, you will find a routine that works for you.

Now that you have this info, you can maintain your sauna rocks, replace them when needed, and continue to enjoy your sauna.