Can You Wear an Oura Ring in the Sauna? (Plus Tracking Info)

Oura rings are the newest health tracking tool that is quickly gaining popularity. These rings can help track your sleep and activity levels. You can typically wear your Oura ring everywhere but does that include inside the sauna?

You can safely wear your Oura Ring in a sauna, at least for a limited time. Its operating temperature is 14-125°F, and it is water-resistant to 330 feet. The interior is non-metallic; however, the exterior is coated titanium, meaning you should limit your heat exposure or the ring could become hot and cause burns like any other metallic jewelry.

Read along as we discuss if you can wear your Oura Ring in the sauna, safety precautions that you can do while doing so, and additional information about how they track your activity.

Is it okay to wear the Oura Ring in the sauna?

The Oura Ring is a cutting-edge wellness tracker that fits on your ring finger and the brand advertises that “if your skin can take the heat or cold, your Oura Ring can too.” Given that sauna users are advised to remove metal jewelry before entering the sauna, is it safe to wear your Oura Ring in one?

The Oura Ring’s operating temperature ranges from 14 to 29°F and it is waterproof up to 330 feet. This means that it is safe to wear your Oura Ring in both an infrared sauna and a steam room. Traditional saunas, however, can reach up to 200°F, which is hot enough to cause the exterior of the ring to burn you.

If you are wearing your ring inside a traditional sauna, you should use precaution because the high temperatures can affect the ring’s performance. 

A fun fact about the Oura Ring, it’s technology was developed in Finland so it is safe to say that they have tested it in saunas since sauna use is widespread in Finnish countries and is part of their everyday lives. 

Wearing the Oura Ring inside the sauna is very beneficial because it will help you measure calories burned, resting heart rate, and body temperature. These are all important factors that can help in evaluating your sauna session. With the Oura Ring, you can quantify your results and see health benefits that you won’t normally see without a measuring device. 

The Oura Ring can easily be connected with its app so you can keep track of your results and patterns over time. It can also be linked to your Apple Health or Google Fit account. 

Is the Oura Ring waterproof?

Although the Oura Ring’s design is meant to resemble a modern wedding ring, it is a sophisticated piece of electronics. This may cause many users to balk at the idea of exposing it to extreme humidity or submerging it in water.

The Oura Ring is waterproof up to 330 feet (100 meters). With its water resistance grade, it is safe to wear in the steam room, while washing your hands, or even swimming or recreational diving. It is not recommended to wear the ring while scuba diving or keep it underwater for more than 12 hours. 

If you regularly enjoy swimming, the Oura Ring can help you keep track of your activity. You don’t have to worry about the ring sliding off while you are in the water because it features an advanced sensor technology that is dependent on a snug fit for accuracy. 

Is the Oura Ring heat resistant?

With the Oura Ring’s commitment to being able to go wherever its most active user goes, can it, as they say, take the heat?

The Oura Ring can withstand temperatures up to 125°F (52°C) which means that it can still work well with higher and hotter temperatures. The material used in making the interior of the ring is nonallergenic and nonmetallic, it also has seamless inner molding which are very durable materials that can withstand heat.

Even though the Oura Ring is heat resistant, you should not leave it out in direct exposure to intense heat (such as direct sunlight) for extended periods of time. The exterior of the ring is also composed of coated titanium, which can become hot enough to burn.

Can you wear the Oura Ring in the steam room?

Steam rooms are cooler than both traditional and infrared saunas and tend to have an average temperature of 110-120°F and 100% humidity.

The Oura Ring can work with temperatures up to 129°F, well above the temperature of the average steam room. It is also waterproof up to 330 feet meaning that even 100% humidity will not be an issue. Some people might be hesitant to use this ring in the steam room but it is safe to do so.

Wearing it inside the steam room is beneficial because it can help you keep track of how the steam room affects your body in terms of heart rate and temperatures. 

Can you wear the Oura Ring in an infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna’s average temperature range is 100-150°F, giving it a more comfortable feel than a traditional sauna. Infrared saunas are dry and do not use steam or humidity at all.

Although the ambient maximum temperature is above the Oura Ring’s working maximum of 129°F, it is unlikely that the ring itself will reach its operating temperature during your sauna session.

Many users have indicated they have used the ring repeatedly in both infrared and traditional saunas and have not experienced any problems with the ring so far.

The Oura Ring can help track your activity and sleep levels to better your health but keep in mind that it is not a device that you can use to diagnose illnesses or detect medical conditions. The information that it provides is for informational purposes only and should not be taken in place of health professionals and doctors. 

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