Can You Wear a Waist Trainer, Sweat Belt, or Shapewear in the Sauna?

Lots of people use the sauna to lose weight. If you’re one of those people, you may be wondering if you can pair one of your other weight-loss tools with the sauna.

You should not wear a waist trainer, sweat belt, or shapewear in the sauna, for a variety of reasons. Waist trainers make it too hard to breathe. Sweat belts are too hot. Shapewear is too tight. You should wear loose-fitting, breathable clothes in the sauna.

Keep reading to learn all about why you should wear waist trainers, sweat belts, and shapewear in the sauna!

Is it okay to wear a waist trainer in the sauna?

If you’re using the sauna to lose weight, you may consider doubling up with a waist trainer.

It’s not okay to wear a waist trainer in the sauna because it restricts breathing. You should avoid wearing any type of tight clothes in the sauna.

Waist trainers are tight around your waist so they restrict your breathing. It’s important to be able to breathe deeply in the sauna because of the intense heat.

You are meant to wear loose-fitting clothes, such as a cotton t-shirt, in the sauna. This will help you from overheating.

Will wearing a waist trainer in the sauna help?

Is it a good idea to wear a waist trainer in the sauna?

Wearing a waist trainer in the sauna will not help. Furthermore, it is not safe to wear a waist trainer in the sauna. Saunas already help you lose weight so there’s no need to add a health risk on top of it in the hopes of losing even more weight.

You can burn around 100 calories per hour in the sauna. It’s silly to try to add another weight loss tool when the sauna is already so effective at weight loss, especially because it puts your health at risk.

It’s even sillier because waist trainers don’t actually help you lose weight!

Do waist trainers even work?

Do waist trainers even work to begin with?

Waist trainers will slim your waist temporarily. The change is not permanent and they don’t help you lose weight. Meanwhile, they can make it hard to breathe, hurt your digestion, and long-term use can potentially harm your organs.

Waist trainers don’t reduce body fat. Instead, they compact your abdominal fat. In the process, they can push your organs into the wrong positions.

Is it okay to wear a sweat belt in the sauna?

Okay, what about sweat belts?

It’s not okay to wear a sweat belt in the sauna. Saunas already make you sweat enough. Adding even more heat to the sauna is dangerous.

Saunas can reach up to 190°F! You’d have to be crazy to want to add a sweat belt on top of that.

Do sweat belts even make a difference?

Are sweat belts worth it?

Sweat belts make a temporary difference. They make you sweat and lose water weight. Once you rehydrate, the weight will come back. This makes sweat belts good for weigh-ins for sports but not good for long-term weight loss.

If you have a weigh-in for a sport and you need to be a few pounds lighter, a sweat belt can help you shed that water weight. But sweat belts won’t lead to long-term weight loss.

Is it okay to wear shapewear like Spanx in the sauna?

If you can’t wear a sweat belt or waist trainer, can you at least wear Spanx?

It’s not okay to wear shapewear like Spanx in the sauna because it’s not lightweight and breathable. You want to wear things like a lightweight cotton shirt and shorts that don’t cling to your skin in the sauna.

It’s important to wear lightweight, breathable material in the sauna so you don’t overheat.