Can Infrared Sauna Cause Hair Loss (With 3 Surprising Benefits)

Chances are that you or someone you know experiences hair loss. While many treatment options are available, they’re very hit or miss. How do infrared saunas stack up?

There is no evidence showing that infrared sauna causes hair loss. In fact, infrared light has been proven to stimulate hair regrowth, improve scalp health, and enhance overall hair health. Research was even conducted into whether it is possible to use near-infrared light to treat Female Pattern Alopecia, although the results were inconclusive.

Read on to learn how infrared saunas help treat hair loss!

Infrared sauna can help prevent or treat hair loss

We have some great news!

Infrared saunas can treat hair loss. Infrared light instruments have successfully stimulated hair regrowth. Near-infrared light is being experimented with to help treat Female Pattern Alopecia. It also increases the number of terminal hairs in a given area. Using infrared light for hair loss is considered extremely safe.

Roughly 50% of all people experience a form of hair loss in their life. It can cause a lot of anxiety, low self-esteem, and social phobia.

One study using an infrared light instrument successfully stimulated hair regrowth in roughly half of the participants in about two months of using the sauna once or twice a week.

Likewise, there was a study conducted in 2011 as to whether near-infrared light could be used to help Female Pattern Alopecia. Unfortunately, the study was terminated early as it proved difficult to find subjects who both fit the criteria and follow through with the treatment.

Using infrared light to treat hair loss is considered very safe. A “significant increase in the number of terminal hairs” was found in a study using an infrared laser to treat hair loss.

a man looking at hair loss

3 hair benefits from using an infrared sauna

Clearly, infrared therapy is great for hair. How many benefits are there?

Three hair benefits from using an infrared sauna include improving scalp health, stimulating hair follicle metabolism, and encouraging healthier hair.

Let’s deep-dive into each hair benefit.

Improving scalp health

Do you want to avoid dandruff or dry, itchy scalp?

Infrared saunas improve scalp health because infrared radiation is good for the skin.

Infrared radiation may be a safe, effective method of improving skin health and helping the scalp.

Increasing hair follicles

Thicker, fuller hair? Yes, please!

Infrared therapy is proven to increase hair growth and hair follicles.

As previously mentioned, infrared light therapy can increase hair growth and keep your hair follicles healthy.

Encouraging healthier hair

Who doesn’t want healthier hair?

Infrared saunas encourage healthier hair by increasing blood circulation to the head, bringing more oxygen and nutrients. This blood flow promotes healthier hair with less breakage.

Saunas increase blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your head. This means stronger, healthier hair!

a woman looking at hair regrowth and scalp health

How to protect your hair in an infrared sauna

Even though infrared saunas are good for battling hair loss, protecting your hair while using them is still essential.

Here are some ways to protect your hair in an infrared sauna:

  • Apply a deep conditioner
  • Use a shower cap
  • Put a damp towel over your head
  • Use a hair mask
  • Rinse your hair before your sauna session if you have a lot of hairspray in it
  • Don’t stay in longer than recommended

Hair protection after a sauna session

It’s vital to have a post-sauna hair routine.

Here are some hair protection techniques for after you’re done with the sauna:

  • Rinse sweat out of your hair with cold water
  • Apply another hair mask
  • Don’t use heat on your hair for the rest of the day

Just like you need to drink water and allow your body to cool after your time in the sauna, you also need to give your hair some TLC!

Effect on hair – infrared sauna vs traditional sauna

Are all saunas good for your hair?

Infrared saunas are great for your hair. Meanwhile, traditional saunas are a little harsher on your hair because of the incredibly hot, dry heat. Taking care of your hair before, during, and after a traditional sauna session is extra important.

Traditional dry saunas can result in a dry scalp and frizzy hair. This is mainly due to the sweat coming from your scalp and the trace minerals in your sweat.

Traditional dry saunas can also cause the dye to come out of your hair faster because of the salt in your sweat.

Use the techniques mentioned above to take care of your hair no matter what kind of sauna you use!