What is a Sauna Oxygen Ionizer (And Do You Need One?)

Sauna air is hot and moisture-filled, which we know is great for increasing sweat, detoxifying our bodies, and overall improved health. Keeping the air clean and fresh is the top priority for creating a safe atmosphere to enjoy the benefits of the sauna.

Sauna oxygen ionizers use a negative electric charge to attract air pollutants including some bacteria. As these pollutants are collected they fall into a filter or to the floor of the sauna to be removed, thus leaving the sauna air cleaner and fresher than before. Ionizers are also effective in removing some odors from the air in saunas.

Keep reading to learn more about what an ionizer does and how it works, so you can decide if you can benefit from using one in your own sauna.

What does an oxygen ionizer do?

An oxygen ionizer will help deodorize and clean the air inside a sauna.

This electric device uses a unique process to purify the air removing particles such as dust, allergens, and dander. Nasty odors and even some bacteria strains are also removed by ionizers from the air you breathe as well.

After ridding the sauna of these undesirables, you are able to enjoy fresher cleaner air while you relax and rejuvenate.

Oxygen ionizers are also very quiet. Therefore, they are not disruptive to the sauna experience. Running an ionizer should not take away from a relaxing sauna stay. If your ionizer is making a buzzing sound or any other noise, immediately turn off its power source and first try cleaning the filter. If the sound persists, the unit may require repair or replacement.

How does an oxygen ionizer work?

An ionizer sounds nice, but how does it work?

Oxygen ionizers work by sending harmless negative electric charges throughout the air in the sauna. Dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria are naturally surrounded by positive electric charges. The positively charged dust and allergens are attracted to the negatively charged ions and as they gather together, they fall into a filter or to the floor.

It is imperative to clean filters and sweep the floor of your sauna regularly.

Do all saunas use oxygen ionizers?

Not all new saunas come with oxygen ionizers already installed.

Some saunas use other air filtration methods or do not have air filtration upon purchase. Ionizers can be purchased separately and added to any sauna as needed.

Many models do offer ionizers with their saunas or have ionizers as part of the workings of the heaters used within the unit. If you are looking into the purchase of a new sauna, check out the specs to see if an ionizer is included with your model or if you might need to invest in a separate ionizer to start out with.

If you have been using an older model for a while and think now is the time to start ionizing the sauna air, it’s easy peasy. Take a look at some of the many models available online. Make sure to take into account the size of your sauna, and where your sauna is located in relation to an electrical source for the ionizer. Then, install your new ionizer and breathe easy!

Does my home sauna need an oxygen ionizer?

To enjoy all the health perks and stress relief from day-to-day life, your sauna needs to be as clean and fresh as possible. Our homes are filled with comfort items that inundate the air with contaminants. Pet dander from our fur babies and pollen from flowers and gardens are frequently found in our homes and can compromise air quality.

If you have concerns about bacteria, dust, and allergens that may be in the air you breathe while in the sauna, you will benefit from an oxygen ionizer. Oxygen ionizers remove dander and pollen from the sauna air.

Cleaning your home sauna is also simplified when mold and bacteria spread are minimized by using this device. Minimizing the spores in the air decreases mold growth in the creases and crevices in your sauna.

Does my gym sauna use an oxygen ionizer?

Most gym saunas have oxygen ionizers installed.

Gyms need to keep their saunas immaculately clean due to heavy use by multiple users. More cleaning is necessary and ionizers help pick up some of the slack.

Of course, if you have individual concerns, you should contact your personal gym owner or manager and ask. They should be willing to let you know any information you would like to have including the filter cleaning schedule and what type of ionizer they use.

Some ionizers are portable and can be used intermittently, so you may not see them while you are enjoying the sauna. Your safety should be their number one concern and it’s your right to ask.

Potential oxygen ionizer benefits

Oxygen ionizers are helpful for keeping the air in your sauna clear, but are there any other benefits?

Potential oxygen ionizer benefits include:

  • Air purifying qualities – Sauna oxygen ionizers remove pollutants from the air in your sauna.
  • Odor removal – Many odors can be removed from the air by ionizers.
  • Easy to install – Most oxygen ionizers are plug-and-go models. Very simple to install and start using immediately.
  • Health benefits – When allergens and bacteria are removed from the air in your sauna, you are able to retain more or the beneficial aspects of your sauna experience.
  • Makes cleaning easier – Cleaning your sauna is easier after stopping spread of bacteria and mold spores with an ionizer in your sauna.