Does World Gym Have a Sauna or Steam Room?

World Gym is among the most popular gyms in the world; the gym has over 220 franchises spread out in over six continents across the world. Since its formation in 1976, the gym has evolved into a world-class fitness center offering gymnasium, fitness, mixed martial arts, boxing, and nutrition services. But besides these highly-rated services, does World Gym have a sauna or steam room?

World Gym has sauna and steam room services. However, the services offered depend on the particular franchise running it and no two World Gym centers offer identical services. If you’re interested in a sauna or steam room, be sure to check with your local location.

Are you looking to learn more about World Gym and the services provided by the fitness giant? If your answer is yes, then you couldn’t be in a better place. Read on as we discuss everything you need to know about World Gym and its services.

Do All World Gym Centers Have Saunas or Steam Rooms?

Unfortunately, not all world gym centers have saunas or steam rooms. This is because World Gym doesn’t categorize steam rooms or saunas as part of the basic services required for franchisees to partner with the company.

Small gyms looking to work under the World Gym franchise must have strength training equipment, locker rooms, cardio equipment, and 12,500 to 15,000 square feet. The above requirements mean that not all gyms operating under World Gym will have saunas or steam rooms.

Some of the larger and more established World Gym locations come packed with top-shelf amenities such as swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, MMA studios, saunas, and even steam baths. However, these features tend to vary from location to location, meaning you’ll need to do your homework before signing up at a particular World Gym center.

World Gym Dartmouth, Canada, for instance, provides wet sauna services to its clients at no extra cost to members. The gym encourages its clients to become members in order to access sauna services without the need for a reservation.

World Gym Mt Gravatt, Australia, provides infrared sauna services in separate male and female change rooms. The saunas are available 24/7 to all members at zero additional costs.

I’ve also put together a complete list of gyms that do have a sauna, steam room, or infrared sauna!

What Services Does World Gym Provide?

The services provided by a World Gym center depends on the type of franchise. There are currently three types of franchising opportunities at the World Gym, which include small, mid-tier, and flagship franchising.

Small facilities tend to offer basic fitness services due to a shortage of space and limited financial resources. However, for a small franchisee to partner with World Gym, it must have cardio equipment, enough strength training equipment, and enough locker rooms.

Mid-tier franchisees offer more services compared to small World Gym centers. Besides being large in size, mid-tier World Gym centers are large enough to allow for group exercises. Most mid-tier centers also have the World Gym Pro shop and café.

Flagship World Gym centers are ideal for all-round fitness regimens. These centers are the costliest to establish and provide an array of fitness-related services. Some of the extra services you can expect to find in a flagship World Gym center include child care, tanning and hydromassage, women’s only area, dedicated athletics area, and the World Gym Pro Shop and Café.

You can also benefit from the nutrition seminars, personal nutrition, mixed martial arts, and kickboxing services provided by World Gym. The franchise is also big on holding fitness contests and tournaments.

Generally, the services offered at World Gym centers greatly hinge on the floor size and level of investment made by the franchisee. However, all World Gym centers contain the basic workout equipment since the franchise has high admission standards when it comes to franchisees.

Does World Gym Have Other Products?

World Gym is a major franchise dealing with several products in the fitness industry. From branded vests to t-shirts, shorts, and even jumpers, World Gym has a wide array of fitness-inspired apparel that you can choose from.

World Gym-branded apparel can be bought physically from the centers or online through the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About World Gym

Can Any Fitness Center Become a World Gym Franchisee?

World Gym invites fitness centers across the globe to partner in its franchise program. The point to note, though, the franchise requires interested fitness centers to meet its high standards before approval. Therefore, any gym can become part of the World Gym franchise, provided it satisfies the minimum requirements.

What Are the Membership Costs?

World Gym membership costs depend on location and the fitness services offered because they are operated under the franchise business model. In case of any inquiries relating to membership costs, users are urged to inquire online by filling up a form. A customer care expert will be in touch with the available packages and registration process.

How Can I Know if There Is a World Gym Near Me?

World Gym allows interested users to search for nearby gyms. All you will need to do is key in your country of residence, city, and state on the website and press the search button to receive a response in under five seconds.

Can I Have a Personal Trainer at World Gym?

You can enroll for personal or group training at any World Gym center. The franchise allows clients to register either online or at a physical center. Be sure to specify your workout goals and preferences before settling for a particular membership.

Training at World Gym

Group Classes

World Gym has a glistening reputation when it comes to effective group classes. Participating gyms provide a wide array of group classes ranging from yoga, Zumba, and different types of high-intensity interval training.

Point to note, although group classes tend to differ depending on location, World Gym strives to ensure that workout schedules are created and observed to the latter.

Personal Training

World Gym invests heavily in personal training. The franchise not only provides professional assistance when it comes to fitness, but it also provides nutritionist services for clients looking to change into or embrace healthy lifestyles.

By working with certified and highly experienced trainers, World Gym has managed to transform committed clients’ lives. This strategy has enabled the franchise to establish itself as one of the world’s most reliable fitness companies.

Cardio Equipment

Gyms looking to partner with World Gym must have modern cardio equipment in order to be considered as franchisees. Treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, and stair climbers are some of the cardio equipment you can expect to find in various World Gym outlets.

Strength Machines

World Gym has been home to some of the most renowned heavy lifters for several decades. To maintain its reputation as a serious fitness institution, World Gym continues to stock up world-class strength machines that target different muscle groups. This makes the gym ideal for clients looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or get lean.

Final Takeaway

The fitness services administered by World Gym greatly depend on the location and financial power of a franchisee. Some of the largest franchisees have steam rooms and saunas while others only provide the basic fitness services.

Therefore, if you want to access sauna or steam room services at a World Gym center, be sure to check beforehand if your preferred location provides such services.

You should also inquire about the pricing policies since gyms under the World Gym umbrella tend to charge differently based on the amenities and services provided.