Do You Need To Shower After an Infrared Sauna? (And How Long To Wait)

Using a sauna is a wonderful way to relax and unwind, especially at the end of a workout. But is it necessary to take a shower after getting out of an infrared sauna? 

Taking the time to shower after getting out of an infrared sauna is highly recommended. During the session, you will sweat excessively and release toxins from your body. Showering afterward ensures that the toxins are fully removed from your skin as well as wash away the sweat. Overall, a shower will help complete that refreshed, relaxed feeling.

Keep reading to learn more about why taking a shower after getting out of an infrared sauna is best, and how to how to maximize its impact.

Should you shower after an infrared sauna session?

Infrared saunas highly target your body, with 80% of the heat reaching you rather than just staying in the air. This causes you to sweat more and is an important factor when looking at whether you should shower afterward.

No matter the reason for your visit to an infrared sauna, your time in one will help release toxins and other bacteria from your body and skin so it is important to take a shower afterward. Often your pores will open up so showering afterward helps to close those pores, keeping bacteria and sebum out and preventing them from re-entering your body.

In order to maximize the benefits of both the infrared sauna session and your shower, you should take a cold shower immediately after your session.

You also may want to consider taking a small break (usually between 15-30 minutes) in between to finish sweating and taking a shower to cool your body down before making the switch. During this time period be sure to drink water to keep from getting dehydrated. 

Showering, especially in cold water, will also help boost your blood circulation as well as keep you from getting acne and clogged pores. When sharing a sauna with others, you may also end up with your sauna mate’s bacteria, oils and sweat on you. Showering afterward ensures you wash off everyone from your body!

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Is it bad not to shower after the sauna?

Many people may want to skip the shower or do not understand why it is important to wash after a sauna session. Is it bad if you skip showering afterward?

It is important to shower after you get out of the sauna because skipping the post-sauna shower can result in toxins, bacteria, oil, and sweat re-entering your pores. When sharing a sauna with others, their toxins, bacteria, oil, and sweat may end up on you if they did not shower beforehand.

Taking a shower afterward will help remove all the toxins that accumulated on your skin during your time in the sauna.

One of the issues with opting not to shower post sauna session is that you will end up with pores that are wide open. As any toxins and oils will stay on your skin, there is a huge risk that they will re-enter your body. Showering allows you to wash those toxins off your body, leaving it clean and reducing the chances of clogged pores and acne.

By not showering you may also miss out on some of the benefits of a sauna session. Among the benefits are increased lung function, increased circulation, reduced inflammation, and helping close your pores. A shower after your sauna session is an important part of your sauna routine.

Benefits of a warm shower after infrared sauna

Most experts recommend taking a cold shower after getting out of the infrared sauna. However, there are those who prefer a warm shower and there are a few benefits from doing so.

A warm shower after an infrared sauna session is highly relaxing. Many people love the heat on their bodies and the warm water will do just as good of a job of eliminating any toxins, oils and bacteria on your skin. Another benefit is that taking a warm shower will also keep your pores open for a little longer, which can benefit your skin. 

Keeping your pores open a little longer can help with absorbing creams and moisturizers. This benefit will help in your skincare routine. However, be sure to use lotions and creams that are lighter and have less fragrance since these have other chemicals that can clog up your pores. 

What about an Epsom salt bath after using an infrared sauna?

An Epsom salt bath is a fantastic way to relax while allowing your body to detox. Since both are used to detox your body, are there benefits to soaking in an Epsom salt bath after you get out of the sauna?

Besides being relaxing and getting you clean, taking an Epsom salt bath after using an infrared sauna has another major benefit. Many people are lacking magnesium and after a trip to the sauna, this Epsom salt bath can help replenish the levels of magnesium in your body. 

Benefits of a cold shower after infrared sauna

Experts agree that there are great benefits to taking a cold shower after the infrared sauna. What will happen when you do take a cold shower after getting out of the infrared sauna?

Here are some of the benefits of taking a cold shower after getting out of the infrared sauna:

  • The hot sauna and cold water bath can help improve lung health – A small study on patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) showed that they experienced an improvement in their ability to breathe following the use of an infrared sauna.
  • It’s a great way to improve your mood – The act of exposing the body to a sharp contrast of heat then cold can improve psychological function, according to one small study.
  • Improvement of your cardiovascular system – The use of an infrared sauna followed by cold water has been shown to have positive effects on your cardiovascular system and can help improve depression, asthma symptoms- all while improving blood pressure!
  • Can help with weight loss – When the body is immersed in hot water, it releases heat and begins to cool. This can have beneficial effects on weight loss by increasing calorie expenditure as well as limiting fat storage capacity.

There are also benefits to taking an ice-cold bath after getting out of the infrared sauna. These include easing muscle pain and any soreness you’d normally feel the next day and reducing inflammation and swelling, among others.

How long should you wait to shower after using an infrared sauna?

After getting out of an infrared sauna, many people wonder whether they should shower immediately or wait. Which one is best?

It is highly recommended that you take a shower – especially a cold one – immediately after getting out of an infrared sauna. Shocking your system from hot to cold helps get your endorphins and adrenaline going, help improve your body’s circulation and help improve skin tones and complexion by closing the body’s pores.

However, some people do recommend cooling down completely after a sauna session, waiting around 15 minutes before going to take a shower. This is especially true when if you have any heart conditions that could possibly be unable to handle the shock due to a change in temperature. Always check with your doctor if you have a medical condition before adding infrared saunas into your weekly routine.

Should you moisturize after using an infrared sauna?

A good skincare routine after using an infrared sauna is important to keeping your skin looking nice and radiant. Should you moisturize after using an infrared sauna?

It is highly important to moisturize your skin after getting out of an infrared sauna and taking a shower. While your skin is still a little damp, moisturize it with a high-quality moisturizer.

This will help keep your skin hydrated and looking fantastic. 

Moisturizing should be one of the last steps to ensure your face and body are clean from any residual oils. Use lighter moisturizers, especially if your skin is oily. If you have dry skin, try using a heavier moisturizer, such as one with coconut oil as its base. 

What else should you do after an infrared sauna session?

Once you step out of the infrared sauna, there are several things you should do immediately. What should you do once you are out of your sauna session?

During and immediately after your infrared sauna session, you should hydrate by having a glass of water. You will have been sweating throughout your sauna session and will need to make sure you do not end up dehydrated. You should also shower, then moisturize. Use soaps that are not heavy in fragrance and other chemicals. 

The most important thing is to drink lots of water after your sauna session. You might want to drink it beforehand as well, but it is especially important to drink plenty of water to ensure you have no issues with dehydration. 

Showering is also important since doing so will ensure that all toxins and oils are washed away from your body. Use lighter soaps and shampoo/conditioner to help prevent your pores from clogging again.