Can You Wear Invisalign or Metal Braces in the Sauna? (Heat & Steam)

If you have an Invisalign or metal braces, you may be worried that the sauna will affect them – or maybe even burn you. Let’s go over the facts to see if the sauna is safe for you!

You can wear Invisalign Clear Aligners in the sauna. Hot beverages will warp your Invisalign but external heat and humidity won’t. As for metal braces, it’s almost impossible to find an account of someone being burnt by their metal braces in the sauna. However, according to the temperatures that your body reaches, it may be possible.

Keep reading to learn all about wearing Invisalign and metal braces in the sauna!

Is it okay to wear Invisalign Clear Aligners in the sauna?

It makes sense that you want to be careful with your aligners. After all, they’re very important! But don’t fret.

It is okay to wear Invisalign Clear Aligners in the sauna. While hot drinks can warp your Invisalign, your mouth won’t get hot enough in the sauna for the Invisalign to warp. Humidity can harbor bacteria so be sure to clean your Invisalign after being in the sauna. 

Invisalign Clear Aligners are okay to wear in the sauna. They are made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, which degrades above 200°F. However, saunas only reach up to 195°F, and the inside of your mouth definitely doesn’t get that hot.

While it’s frowned upon to store your Invisalign aligners somewhere humid like in the bathroom where there are steamy showers, it’s okay to be in the humidity of the sauna with your Invisalign. Just don’t take it off in the sauna and clean it well before you store it again.

Does heat affect Invisalign?

Saunas are hot. So how does Invisalign hold up?

Invisalign is made of a Thermoplastic Polyurethane, which degrades above 200°F (93°C). At their highest temperature, most saunas max out at 195°F.

Polyurethane suffers greatly reduced performance above 200°F. That means the heat of saunas is coming close to degrading the Invisalign.

However, just because the sauna is 195°F doesn’t mean the inside of your mouth is. Avoid taking your Invisalign out during your sauna and you should be fine.

Can you melt Invisalign?

Can you go so far as to melt your Invisalign?

Drinking hot drinks such as coffee or tea can warp your Invisalign.

According to Northstar Dentistry for Adults, it’s best not to drink anything hot because it can damage your Invisalign by warping it. There’s no mention of it fully melting in your mouth, though.

Does hot water or humidity affect Invisalign?

Besides being hot, saunas are also humid.

Drinking hot water can warp Invisalign. Storing your Invisalign in a humid place, like where showers create steam, can harbor harmful microbes or warp your Invisalign.

Steam rooms have a humidity of 100%, while dry saunas reach a maximum humidity level of around 30%. High relative humidity can increase microbes by causing condensation. 

However, it is common practice to wear Invisaligns in the shower where it is hot and humid. The risk of humidity is more so during storage.

Tips for using an Invisalign Clear Aligner in the sauna

Now that you have the rundown, let’s go over some quick tricks and tips.

To wear your Invisalign Clean Aligner in the sauna, remember to:

  • Keep it in your mouth
  • Avoid drinking hot beverages before or after
  • Clean it before storing it again

Is it okay to wear metal braces in the sauna?

Hot metal burns and saunas are hot. So will your braces burn you?

Metal braces have the potential to burn you in the sauna, although most people report being completely fine wearing them. Your skin’s surface temperature can reach 123°F in the sauna, but it’s unclear if your mouth or braces will reach that temperature too. If they do, 123°F can burn you after a 5-minute exposure.

Despite the math, there are almost no instances of someone being burnt by their metal braces in the sauna.

Does heat affect metal braces?

Besides the potential to burn you, how does heat affect the braces themselves?

Heat doesn’t affect the metal braces themselves, but consuming overly hot foods or drinks directly after application can cause pain in your sensitive teeth and gums.

According to Amazing Smiles Orthodontist, it’s best to avoid overly hot food directly after getting your braces. 

In fact, braces become stronger when heat is applied to them.

Will metal braces burn you in the sauna?

You should avoid wearing metal jewelry in the sauna. Because of this rule, you may assume that braces will burn you too. 

Metal braces may burn you in the sauna but it’s hard to find anyone who says they have burned them. Your skin’s surface temperature can reach 123°F in the sauna, but there is no documented evidence to indicate that your mouth or braces will reach the same temperature. If they do, 123°F can burn you after a 5-minute exposure.

But there’s no saying as to if your mouth, or especially braces, will actually reach that temperature. There are many accounts on online forums of people wearing braces in saunas and being fine.

Does hot water or humidity help braces?

Maybe we’re looking at this all wrong. Can heat and humidity actually help braces?

Drinking hot water – after your braces have been installed for some time – will help speed up the alignment process depending on what kind of wires your braces are made of.

Some wires are activated by heat and hot water will help your braces move faster. Just be sure not to drink anything hot immediately after installation.

Rinsing with warm salt water will decrease gum inflammation for the first few weeks after your braces were installed.

What are thermal braces?

Maybe you’ve heard of braces that are specifically designed to react to heat.

Thermal braces are activated by the warmth in your mouth and reshape to move your teeth into position. This is because they want to return to their straight position and will slowly attempt to do so, putting pressure on your teeth.

It is unclear if the sauna’s heat will speed up this process.

Tips for metal braces in the sauna

Time to go over our tips and tricks!

When wearing metal braces in the sauna:

  • Slowly increase your session time to see how your braces react
  • Use the sauna at lower temperatures 
  • Leave the sauna and drink cold water if you start to feel any discomfort