Can You Put a TV in a Sauna? (Both Inside & Outside Installation)

What can be more relaxing than enjoying your sauna while watching your favorite show? Having a television in a sauna may sound like a great way to enhance your sauna sessions, but is it possible?

In order to install a television in your sauna, you must choose a TV that is both waterproof and capable and withstanding the heat of the sauna. It is best to choose a TV that was specifically designed for use in bathrooms or saunas. The TV will also need to be plugged into an outlet in a dry area, so you may require the services of an electrician.

Read on to learn more about installing a TV in your sauna, including what TVs are out there as well as some installation basics. 

Can you watch TV in a sauna?

While it may be fun to sit and watch TV inside a sauna, there is the question of whether it’s practical to do so.

Having a TV in a sauna is practical, especially if you have a more hectic lifestyle that doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to enjoy both a TV show and sauna sessions. One thing to keep in mind though is that the maximum recommended time in a sauna is 30 minutes so short shows or YouTube videos might be the best if you don’t have time to finish.

If you are a person who cannot sit for a period of time without having something to do, having a TV in the sauna can also help you prolong your sauna time in an enjoyable manner. Just be sure to choose a TV that can withstand the heat and humidity of the sauna. 

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What is the maximum temperature for regular TVs?

TVs come in different sizes and types, with different levels of heat tolerance. What temperatures can a regular TV withstand?

The temperatures a TV can withstand will definitely vary by brand and type of TV, but the highest temperature most TVs will tolerate is 125℉. Each TV has a specific temperature range so it is important to look at that when trying to operate a TV in areas with extreme weather, especially if you are trying to install it outside or in a sauna. 

When installing a TV in a sauna, you want to go for one that can withstand high temperatures to ensure that there is minimal damage to the TV over time. TVs can overheat, which can prove detrimental to both picture and sound quality. 

Do you need a waterproof television for the sauna?

Having a TV that can withstand heat is very important, but what about being waterproof? Do you need a waterproof TV in the sauna?

If you are putting a TV in a sauna, having one that is waterproof can help ensure the humidity from the sauna won’t cause damage. This is especially important if you have a steam sauna, which has high humidity levels that can cause damage.

The humidity in dry saunas and infrared saunas is minimal so it is not as important for the TV to be waterproof.

Choosing a TV for your sauna

There are other factors that need to be considered besides temperature and waterproof features when choosing a TV for your sauna.

Some of the other features to consider when looking for a sauna TV are the size, wifi connectivity, how to mount it, and what the sound will be like. These factors can help you decide on which TV is best for your wants and needs when it comes to being able to enjoy watching TV in a sauna. 

The size of the TV is important for planning on where it goes, and how close you are to it. You want a TV big enough to watch easily from where you sit without craning your neck. You also want one that can be easily mounted on the wall since this is the best way to save space in a small area. 

Another factor that is especially important in the age of streaming is having a TV that has wifi connectivity to ensure you get to watch YouTube, Netflix, and any other streaming channel. If you have an outdoor sauna make sure your connection is strong enough to reach the TV. 

Sound is another factor to consider because when you’re watching TV, you want to have a good sound system so you can hear everything clearly. Choosing a TV with great sound is especially important if you don’t have a separate sound system to connect to. 

Here are a couple of options for TVs that can be installed into your sauna:

Haocrown Touchscreen Bathroom TV

The first option is the Haocrown 21.5-inch Touchscreen Bathroom TV.

This particular TV is made to go into bathrooms, pool rooms, saunas, making it an ideal choice to place into your home sauna. There are two ways to install it, completely in the wall and wall-mounted. It can also be easily connected to outside speakers.

This TV is waterproof and turns into a mirror when off. It includes WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, and waterproof speakers. It also has the Android 9.0 system built-in and comes with a mounting system.

Elecsung Smart Mirror TV

Another TV that can be placed into your sauna is the Elecsung 22inch Smart Mirror TV.

This waterproof TV also includes wifi, Bluetooth, and will also become a mirror when turned off. It also has waterproof speakers and includes a waterproof remote, making it handy while in the sauna.

This particular brand does not come with a mounting kit, but you can easily add one into your purchase. It can be embedded in the wall or mounted. One of the features of this TV is that Google Chrome, YouTube, and NetFlix are already downloaded and are ready for your immediate use. 

Installing a TV in your sauna

Once you have decided to install a TV in your sauna, there are several things you need to be before you can start relaxing to your favorite sitcom.

To install a TV in your sauna:

  1. Select the location
  2. Install the mount
  3. Hang the TV
  4. Run the cables
  5. Push the TV in place

Be sure to read the mounting instructions on both your TV and your mount to ensure you do it correctly. If you are in doubt, consider hiring someone to install it along with any other electrical components needed.

Select the location 

The first step is to figure out where you want to put the TV.

You want it to be where you can comfortably see it while sitting on the bench. You can place painter’s tape in the area you’re considering to get a good idea of how it would look in that space.

Install the mount

You should have already decided what kind of mount you want to install.

There are mounts that are in the wall and then the traditional wall mounts where you can adjust the TV. Many choose to do the wall mounts since they can make sure the TV has adequate airflow as they watch.

Hang the TV 

When hanging the TV, keep in mind that this step is will depend on which type of mount you are using.

With a regular wall mount, you will hang this first, but an embedded wall mount will require you to hang the TV after running the cables.

Run the cables

Your cables need to be run through to an outlet that’s in a dry area. This would also be the time to connect it to any speakers you have.

Be sure that your cord is long enough to reach whichever outlet you are trying to get to and if you need to add in an outlet it’s a good idea to have an electrician do this. 

Push TV into place

Push your TV into place and enjoy!