What To Wear in a Sauna (Proper Etiquette & Practical Advice)

You should wear a swimsuit, clean gym clothes, or a towel to a sauna. You can go nude in some specific public saunas as well as in a home sauna (as long as your neighbors can’t see you!). 

What should you wear to a sauna session?

The wrong outfit can negatively impact your sauna experience. If you’re wearing the wrong things, your sauna session can range from unpleasant to unsafe.  

Here are the best clothing options for the sauna: 

Swimsuits Clean gym clothes Towels

What should you not wear in a sauna?

So now you know what you should wear in the sauna. But it’s just as important to know what you shouldn’t wear.

Here are the worst things to wear in a sauna: 

Nothing Dirty gym clothes Synthetic or tight-fitting materials Jewelry

What to wear in a sauna to lose weight

You can wear a bathing suit, loose-fitting gym clothes, or a towel to lose weight in a sauna. Saunas naturally help you lose weight by losing water weight, increasing your metabolism, and increasing your ability to exercise. 

What to wear in a sauna after a workout or in the gym

After a workout or a session in the gym, the best thing to wear in the sauna is a towel after taking a shower. It’s necessary to take a shower after working out and before hopping in the sauna to keep the sauna sanitary and clean-smelling. 

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