Do Saunas Dry Out Your Eyes? (And What To Do About It!)

Saunas do dry out your eyes. They have high temperatures and varying humidity levels, which can lead to aggressive water loss from the body, including your eyes. This can lead to eye irritation and infection.

Why Do Saunas Dry Out Your Eyes?

Saunas are known to dry out our eyes. Every sauna goer would have experienced this problem some time or the other. In fact this problem is a deterrent for several new sauna participants.

Tips on Treating Dry Eyes in the Sauna

-Cover your face with a wet towel. -Close your eyes. -Take a wash before entering a sauna. 

General Precautions When Using Sauna

-Avoid using a sauna if you are ill. -Oversee children in a sauna. -Monitor time spent in the sauna.

– Electricity – Wood – Ga – Solar power

Types of Sauna

Smoke Sauna

In this type of sauna, the rocks inside the room are heated with wood underneath. After some time, the fire is extinguished.

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