Can You Put a Sauna in Your Apartment? (Practical Advice & Options)

As long as your rental agreement permits it, installing a sauna in your apartment is possible. An infrared sauna will likely cost anywhere from $2,000 for a basic pre-fab unit to $10,000 for a custom sauna.  

Can you have a sauna in an apartment?

Having a sauna inside an apartment is doable and practical especially if you like spending time in the sauna. People who have space constraints in their homes typically go for infrared saunas that can fit one or two people.  

Will a sauna fit inside an apartment?

Infrared saunas that fit 1-2 people can easily fit inside an apartment. The typical dimension of this type of sauna is 31.5” W x 33” D x 41” H which makes it easy to fit through any size apartment without taking up too much space. 

Is it legal to install a sauna inside a rental?

Portable infrared saunas that you can plug into any electrical outlet are allowed in most rentals. If you are looking to install a bigger sauna, you should check with your landlord or property manager.   

Infrared saunas are preferred for apartments as you don’t have to deal with water, or vents which will sometimes lead to water seeping out of the sauna especially if you live in an upstairs unit. 

Can you put a sauna on an apartment balcony?

The best sauna for apartments

An infrared sauna that holds 1-2 people is ideal to place in an apartment or condo. Infrared saunas are the preferred type because it heats up using electricity and infrared panels which leads to lower usage of electricity compared to other types of saunas.  

Traditional dry sauna or infrared?

The main difference between a traditional dry sauna and an infrared sauna is the way the heat travels and transfers from the heat source to your body. With traditional dry saunas, the space around you has to be heated first which leads to higher temperatures which also means that more electricity or energy is consumed. 

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