Which Gyms Have Saunas & What Kind? (Traditional, Steam, or Infrared)

The most popular gyms that include saunas or steam rooms are LA Fitness, World Gym, Gold’s Gym, Life Time Fitness, YMCA, Equinox, and 24-hour Fitness.

Which gyms have saunas?

The most popular gyms with a sauna or steam room are World Gym and Gold’s Gym. World Gym offers a traditional, infrared, and steam sauna depending on the franchise at around $19.95/month. Gold’s gym offers gender-specific traditional or steam saunas for $33.00/month. 

What type of sauna is at the gym?

Traditional saunas are typically the most common type of sauna you’ll see at gyms. Steam saunas are typically found in YMCAs and other wellness centers that prioritize holistic health. 

Traditional sauna

Traditional saunas are kept at around 177°F and provide 30% humidity with stones and a water well. Traditional versions heat the air, your skin, then your core (in that order) using electricity or gas as the power source.

-Increased blood circulation -Increased sweating -Deeper stretching



-Skin irritation -Exposure to bacteria -Dehydration

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