What To Eat and Drink After the Sauna (Plus What To Avoid!)

When you sweat, you don’t just lose water. Your body also becomes depleted of electrolytes, which are vital for body function. So, in addition to water, you will need to eat something that is rich in the electrolytes lost in sweat, such as sodium, calcium, potassium, among others.

The best things to eat or drink after you get out of the sauna

The best food and drink for your body after a sauna will be rich in electrolytes. This is because when you sweat, you don’t lose water. You also lose sodium, potassium, and other essential electrolytes that also need to be replaced.

What to drink after the sauna

A nice, cold, refreshing beverage can an excellent way to replenish those vital electrolytes. But, you don’t want anything too sugary, simply because while it may help you feel better for a little bit, the inevitable sugar crash and fatigue soon follows. 

Does the sauna dehydrate you?

You will only become dehydrated in a sauna if you don’t drink enough water to replenish what is lost. 

Facilities with sauna rooms usually include a cool-down room that has a refrigerator and drinkable water somewhere on site. If you are not sure where the potable water is, ask someone when you enter.

How do you hydrate after the sauna?

Drinking cold water after the sauna

Cold water is an excellent way to cool down after using the sauna. Cold exposure immediately after the sauna has been a tradition in Finland for a long time.

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