Sauna While Nursing or Breastfeeding (Traditional, Infrared, & Steam)

Using a traditional sauna while nursing or breastfeeding is a great way to stimulate lactation, improve sleep quality, reduce stress hormones, and recover from labor.

Is it safe to use the sauna while breastfeeding or nursing?

There are plenty of no-nos when you’re pregnant (and, in some cases, if you’re nursing and/or trying to conceive). Is the sauna one of them?

Can heat damage breastmilk?

One of the main benefits of using a sauna is to detoxify your body. However, most of these pathogens and chemicals are expelled through sweat glands, and – in some cases – into your breast lobes. 

Can heat reduce milk supply?

You may wonder if the heat of a sauna can reduce your milk supply, but, actually, it is quite the opposite. The use of a sauna post-delivery can actually increase milk production and lessen the chance for milk stasis.

Traditional saunas have high heat and low moisture, averaging 177°F with around 30% humidity. As we discussed above, heat is a catalyst for milk flow.

Traditional saunas while breastfeeding

Infrared saunas while breastfeeding

The typical infrared sauna is 140°F, with low humidity. What this means for your breastmilk is that generally speaking, milk levels will rise, but the risk for evaporation is much lower due to less moisture in the air.

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