Sauna Before or After Swimming – Which is Best for Performance?

Using the sauna after an intense swim can help promote muscle repair, increase blood flow, and prevent soreness. However, visiting the sauna before the pool can act as a warm-up and help loosen tight muscles before exercise, helping prevent potential cramps.  

Is it better to use a sauna before or after swimming?

Many people find they prefer the post-workout sauna session. They find that it helps increase their performance over time due to the increased blood volume that helps build strength and power, and see it as a great way to wind down after an invigorating swim.  

Using a sauna before you go swimming

One of the biggest pros to using the sauna beforehand is that it will help loosen your muscles before you start exercising. 


Advantages to choosing to visit the sauna before swimming include: 

- Passive warm-up  - Muscle relaxation   - Joint pain relief  

While there are several major advantages to taking your sauna session before going swimming, there are also a couple of reasons it may not work for you:


- Energy drain  - Dehydration

When using the sauna after swimming, be sure to wait about 10-15 minutes after getting out of the pool before entering a sauna and use that time to hydrate since both exercising and going into the sauna can lead to dehydration.  

Using a sauna after you go swimming

Some of the advantages to choosing to go for a swim before your sauna session include:


- Muscle recovery  - Increased blood flow  


- Overexertion - Dehydration 

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