How To Wash a Sauna Suit (To Prevent Odor & Irritation)

Depending on your sauna suit material, you may be able to put it in the washer; however, if your suit doesn’t have care instructions, hand washing is the better option. 

How to wash a sauna suit

Use a mild detergent, and if you can use a gentle spin cycle, or skip the spinning altogether, that would be best. Certain materials will be damaged in the washing machine which is why it is important to use the gentlest soap and spin cycle possible. 

Different sauna suit materials

– PVC – Nylon – Neoprene

Do you need to hand wash sauna suits?

Hand washing your sauna suit is always the best and safest option. Certain materials would do best with handwashing like PVC and neoprene, as these materials are most sensitive to warmer temperatures and stretching.  

Can you really put a sauna suit in the washer?

You can put your sauna suit in the washer, but remember, sauna suits are made from synthetic materials that have specific care instructions. 

How often you wash your sauna suit depends on how often you use it. Most likely, you’ll want to wash it from once a week to once a month.

How often should you wash a sauna suit?

How to dry a sauna suit

Like washing, the method for drying your suit will depend on the material: - PVC should be hung to dry  - Neoprene should be hung to dry  - Nylon is the only material that can be dried in the dryer 

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