How To Make Your Sauna Hotter! (And Enjoy It Safely)

To make your sauna hotter re-pile your stones, adjust the vents, add water to increase perceived heat, recalibrate the thermostat, put in new insulation, and fix maintenance issues.  

How hot should a sauna be (ideal temperature)

Each kind of sauna has a different range of ideal temperatures. It’s important to learn this information for safety reasons. 

In general, saunas should fall into this temperature range: – Traditional dry sauna: 150-175°F – Infrared sauna – 115-135°F – Steam room – 110°F

What if your sauna isn’t getting hot enough?

There are many reasons your sauna may not be getting hot enough, including, but not limited to: – Improper use of ventilation – Failing heating element – Broken thermostat – Incorrect settings – Poor insulation – Old or incorrectly piled stones

Is a hotter sauna a better sauna?

Hotter saunas are not necessarily better. Your comfort level is the most important factor in deciding the heat of your sauna. 

How hot is too hot for your sauna depends largely on cultural norms. In America, the hottest saunas typically get is 194°F. 

How hot is too hot for your sauna?

How to make your sauna hotter

Here are the best ways to make your sauna hotter: – Adjusting the settings – Investigate your thermostat – Add insulation – Add water to increase humidity and perceived heat – Exercise beforehand – Adjust vent – Replace or re-pile stones – Replace heating element

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