Can You Use Essential Oils in a Sauna? (With Suggestions & How To)

The sauna is a glorious mix of heat and humidity that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated, but how can we make the experience better? This begs the question- can essential oils be used in the sauna?

You can use essential oils in the sauna for many benefits, including stress reduction, muscle relaxation, improved sleep quality, and enhanced mood, just to name a few!

Is it okay to use essential oils in the sauna?

Absolutely! Essential oils are safe and effective when used appropriately and diluted adequately in the sauna.

Potential issues with using essential oils in the sauna

– Erode the finish of the wood planks, and the – Heaters may be at risk for corrosion

How to use essential oils in the sauna

The first step is determining what type of sauna you have- whether it’s an infrared, steam, or traditional (or any other variation). The type will dictate which oil should be used and how much! 

– Peppermint  – Birch – Lavender – Eucalyptu – Tea Tree – Citru

The best essential oils to use in the sauna

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