Can You Use a Speaker in a Sauna? (Bluetooth and Installed Systems)

It is possible to install either a permanent sauna sound system or incorporate a Bluetooth speaker into your home sauna experience.

Can you use speakers inside a sauna?

It is possible to use a speaker in the sauna, but it must be able to withstand sauna conditions. To be safe, you’ll need to purchase a speaker or system that is waterproof and heat resistant to 200°F. 

Can steam ruin a speaker?

Steam from a hot sauna can ruin a speaker if you’ve purchased one that isn’t waterproof. Waterproof speakers typically have thicker exteriors and the wiring is sealed to avoid exposure to water. 

Can heat ruin a speaker?

Extended exposure to even moderate heat can dry out a speaker and damage the appearance of the exterior, although the function is unlikely to be affected. 

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are perfect for sauna use as they are typically small and constructed with showers and poolside use in mind.  

Using bluetooth speakers inside a sauna

Are there heat-resistant Bluetooth speakers for the sauna?

The safest route would be to purchase from a location or site that specializes in saunas. At least this way, you can rest assured that the device is sauna-approved. 

Are there waterproof Bluetooth speakers?

For use in your sauna, look for a Bluetooth speaker with an ingress protection rating of IPX7 or higher. While some lower ingress ratings may claim to be water-resistant, they will not be able to withstand the ongoing steam and humidity. 

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